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  • Book Signing Schedule

    September 3-4 Harrisville Art Fest - Harrisville, MI

    Come meet the author and get your copy of the book signed. Books will also be available to purchase. Don't forget to tell your churches about the book and invite me to come speak.

  • Mick Art Productions, LLC Publishing Company

    M.A.P. is a new Print On-Demand company looking for Christian book authors who are looking to get their books printed out into the world as quickly as possible and at the highest quality. Contact us with any inquiries or ask about the publishing price list.

  • Does your local bookstore carry Wordishure?

    If you would like your church bookstore to carry Tales of Wordishure, please contact us with your church name, phone, and contact. We'll try to get it stocked right away!

  • A great donation

    This Christian children's book will make a great donation to your church nursery, sunday school, or even your local library.

  • Looking for that hard to find gift?

    Tales of Wordishure is the answer! It's a fun Christian children's book to read to your smallest ones, and the older kid's will love to read it for themselves. The fun and original characters will keep them laughing and they will want to hear aboout their adventures over and over.

  • Tales of Wordishure is a wonderful new Christian children's book series

    This children's book series was written to reach Christian children and help them understand the love of Jesus Christ. It is sure to become a favorite in your child's library.

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2016 Goals

This year has already started off great with a TV interview at our local PBS station. Uncommon Sense with Junia Doan was a fun interview, I'll link the video here soon. I am also lined up to do some more public speaking on writing and publishing. Two publishing opportunities are coming together for my publishing company so far as well. Moonhouse has been officially written and is now being edited. I'm beginning artwork shortly. I also am 30 percent finished with my Wagon Tales illustration for Artprize. Lessons in Art is still in production and new ideas are taking shape. With the blessings of God this will be Mick Art Productions best year ever!

2015 Wrap Up

This was an amazing year for my family. First I want to say thank you to all my supporters. You've encouraged me to continue in my children's outreach ministry with your kind words and prayers. My daughter Emerald was born in November and what a blessing she is! My wife and I couldn't be happier, if you want to follow me on Facebook you can see all the pictures! :)

The release of the first book of The Story of Clay series was also big. It was something I've wanted to do for a very long time, and it is being well received! I have two more coming up. I plan on releasing a new one every year. The production is not a heavy as Wordishure so it's a little easier for me.

New ideas for book III have been written, I still have a few stories to noodle over though, because Wordishure has a 7 story structure, it's a real challenge on how to make it all come together.

Lessons in Art. More writing was done and a lot of pre-marketing. Still deciding on a price point. Getting lots of feedback from Homeschooling families on this.

Moonhouse. My newest idea is still being written. It is my funniest work yet, so I'm hoping you'll be patient with me on this. It has the makings of a classic!!!

Posters are now available

My 5 large drawings made for the books and ArtPrize are now available as poster prints! Filmore, Applepuss, Brimnibble, Fordywinx, and the Bugboat. You can purchase them at my signings or write me direct for pricing and shipment.

A Story of Clay released!

My newest series is out and the response in positive! Kids and parents are loving the claymation and the unique storyline. I've got big plans for this one and I hope to someday make it into it's own TV series.

Artprize Registration Complete

For this year's ArtPrize I am entering two of my new drawings. "Filmore's Feast" and "Applepuss". I am excited to see the reactions to my new pieces. My venue is the Courtyard Marriott, come see my new pieces and enjoy.

2015 Goals

This should be the most exciting year to date for Mick Art Productions! With the purchase of a new home in Midland, Michigan I will have my own art studio! This is the main reason "Lessons in Art" wasn't released last year, it took all our resources to purchase and move into the new house. If the Lord wills it, "Lessons in Art" will resume production. I'm also looking forward to doing the photography and layout for the new "Story of Clay" series I've been writing. Don't worry readers, Wordishure Book III is still in the works, I've been making story notes, sketches, and outlines.

2013 Wrap Up

The Lord sure has blessed my family this year. First there was the birth of my son Jonah and the good health of my wife Erica. Micah is growing fast and showing an interest in going to signings with me. The release of Beacons of Light really moved my heart and has become one of the most powerful witnessing tools I think I've ever read! I had a great time at Grand Con Gaming convention speaking to all the wonderful people there. I even developed a new children's series which I hope to launch soon. If the Lord tarries for 2014 I hope to develope Tales of Wordishure book III and the new music CD. The Christkindle Market in Frankenmuth Michigan was outstanding this year and it helped me get a whole new audience, plus it helped me build confidence in my art. The wife and I are also hoping to find a bigger house soon, one where I can have a studio for my art. If you can, pray for my ministry, it keeps me very busy but I love it and can't wait to get out and share God's blessings with whoever I can.

A review from my lecture at GrandCon Comic convention.

September 23, 2013
"It was a pleasure meeting you at GrandCon! My daughter, Audrey, and I enjoyed your seminar, and I was excited to learn about your writing ministry. I was encouraged to see a Christian writer promoting God's truths at a secular event and achieving success as a self-publisher. I wish you continued success and blessing with your Tales of Wordishure series and other endeavors."
-Robin Schmitt "Author of NIV Adventure Bible Book of Devotions and The Adventure Bible Handbook".

The Wonderful Music of Ben Everson!

My wife and I attended a concert at local church and got a chance to listen to Ben and his wife Amanda sing. It was a blessing for sure. We even invited him to come to our church for another performance! Please check out his website at: biblerevival.com/blog/. Thanks to Ben for being a true Friend of Wordishure!

Beacons of Light released!

Thanks to all those of you who have been praying for this books release and for God to give me a clear vision about it. The amazing journey I had putting this together really changed who I am and had an amazing affect on my Christian walk. This book will touch hearts and hopefully change thoughts and behaviours for the better. Go to the Mick Art Productions website to get a copy!

Mick Art Productions Hits the Road!

Thanks go out to Bob & Alice Smith for joining me out on the road for the Cincinatti and Nashville shows! Both shows were an incredible experience and the people were a blessing. I even met a girl in Tennessee that has read my books over 20 times! Not bad for an 8 year old! We will be doing much more traveling in the future if the Lord wills it.

Tales of Wordishure awarded Reader's Favorite 5-Star Award!

Reader's Favorite has awarded Tales of Wordishure with a 5-Star readers award! Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support. Let's pray that Book II reaches the same heights!


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